jueves, 5 de mayo de 2011

Welcome to my Blog!

Hello, world! This is my level 2 Blog. Here I will post my homework and  share interesting things to practice my English.

My name’s Ariana Bracho but you can call me Ari. I’m from Maracaibo, originally. I live in Maracaibo, in Mara Norte. I’m 18 years old and I study mass communications at URBE . My favorite subjects are Informatics and English. This trimester I am taking 7 classes and I am in the 5th trimester.

I love to listen and dance to many styles of music, play quiquimball, eat pizza, burger and candy with my boyfriends, family and friends.

I hate disorder and vegetables, to wai, the lies, , violence and injustice. I can't stand people smoking.

My dream is to graduate and to be a successful journalist , to have beautiful family and to travel on many parts of the world.

About English, I like to learn new languages. I think that the Englishman is very important, practise and easily but difficultly to learn it. It wanted to dominate this language to be a better professional.

Well, this is a little about me! Hope you liked it... Please, leave a commet!
Be happy!
Ariana Bracho

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